Tindie Blog | Arduino Day 2023! (Local News Tips & Reviews)

To celebrate Arduino Day this weekend we decided to highlight some of the coolest Arduino-compatible boards on Tindie! There’s a lot to pick from, so if we miss your favourite board, hit us up on Twitter or Mastodon to let us know! Make sure to take a look at the over 200 events happening in many communities tomorrow; plus, there will be a day-long live stream on the official Arduino website and their social media channels.

CANduino v3.1

This board from Tindie seller MassiveButDynamic is essentially an Arduino Nano with a dedicated CAN transceiver, for all your automotive hacking needs! As new revisions have come along, upgrades like USB-C, reverse polarity protection, skinnier board layouts and more have made the CANduino better and better! If you’ve ever wanted to get into playing with a CAN bus, this is a great tool to start with.

ATtiny3224 Arduino

Give your next Arduino project some added power with this updated chip! Instead of the standard ATmega328p, this board packs one of the new tinyAVR-2 family chips. Differential 12-bit ADC, custom logic blocks, more SRAM, higher speed — what’s not to love? And with the megaTinyCore bootloader, it’s fully supported in the Arduino environment with library compatibility to boot! You can take your existing projects and give them 4MHz more speed or a higher resolution ADC in seconds.

The Breadboard Arduino

If you find your Arduino is constantly paired with a breadboard, why not make it simpler and attach your Arduino directly to the breadboard? This Arduino UNO-compatible board supplies regulated power to the breadboard power rails, as well as your choice of male or female headers depending on what kind of jumpers you use. Having the Arduino physically connected to the breadboard is nice; everything stays together and plugged in without strain on the jumpers!

The Tiniest Arduino – PicoDuino

Barely the size of a USB port, this miniature Arduino-compatible board manages to pack an RGB LED and I2C breakout pads onto the tiny board. All I/O pins of the ATtiny85 are broken out, and there are positions to add surface mount buttons to the RESET and PB1 pins on the back. It’s able to act as a USB HID device, so it can emulate a mouse or keyboard. For such a small board, it’s capable of big things!


This Arduino Leonardo-compatible board takes on the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi Zero. By using this layout, it means you can potentially use many of the Pi Hats designed for the Zero with an Arduino-compatible board! This unlocks a whole new array of sensors, displays, and interface boards of all kinds. It even has an SD card slot and a flat flex connector for connecting displays. Plus the 40-pin header is very nicely colour-coded for quick reference. It even has a connector for adding an ESP8266 board for WiFi capability!

Well, that’s barely scratching the surface of the many Arduino-compatible boards on Tindie, and we didn’t even get a chance to look at the absolute ocean of shields in every conceivable shape, size and purpose. If you’re into Arduino, we bet you’ll find something you’ll love! Celebrate Arduino Day by dropping the hashtag #ArduinoDay2023 and saying hello to the Arduino team online. This is the 10th year of Arduino Day, so make sure to check out all the cool projects and hacks floating around this weekend!

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